About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Lutgarda Mariano - Owner

Lutgarda Mariano – Owner

Lutgarda Mariano has founded and grown several businesses and has worked in a number of industries, including financial services and administration in private post-secondary education. At the heart of every role is her desire to help people better their lives through the power of choice.

Becoming the owner and director of Home Care Assistance Victoria was an easy transition for Lutgarda, whose drive to help others improve their quality of life is directly aligned with the company’s goal to change how the world ages.

Over the years, she has watched older family members struggle with aging and began building long-lasting relationships within the healthcare community in Victoria. Through these personal experiences, both good and bad, Lutgarda discovered the importance of integrity and loyalty in an organization that puts clients first. She has dedicated her life to helping others and will continue to do so at Home Care Assistance by providing high-quality in-home support for seniors and peace of mind for their families.

Sharon Hewett

Sharon Hewett – Administrative Manager

After graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in geography, Sharon spent many years teaching English to international students. During this time, she discovered her passion for inspiring growth and personal development.

When Sharon returned to work after taking some time off to raise her children, she began doing administrative work for an online retail company. Feeling the need to be hands on with clients once again, she returned to education, providing administrative support at a post-secondary college.
Her love of helping others achieve their goals combined with her keen organizational skills and attention to detail lead her to Home Care Assistance Victoria where she has become an essential team member.
Sharon uses her previous experience building professional relationships and her desire to provide exceptional service to clients to facilitate a unique and personal home care experience for both seniors and their families.

Caroline Yeend­­­­­­

Caroline Yeend­­­­­­ – Case Manager

Caroline has degrees in Psychology/Sociology, Social Work and is a registered Social Worker. Before returning to school Caroline worked in Home Care assisting disabled infants, toddlers and adults as well as working with seniors.

After completion of her studies Caroline has been working with newcomers as a Case Manager in Settlement, Employment and various other positions in the community.

As a committed community worker Caroline will use her skills and abilities with Home Care Assistance Victoria to ensure that the high standards of care and quality are ensured and that seniors and their families receive the best care.

 Patti ­­­­­­

Patti Bach ­­­­­­ – Case Manager

Patti is a graduate from Vancouver Island University as a Health Care Assistant. She also has an Environmental Science and Business education background. She is a mother of two grown daughters. One is a paralegal, the other is a professional dancer/actress.

Patti has a passion for and background in working with individuals and families dealing with a variety of aging and health related issues. Her love of people and concern for the quality of their care, has brought her to Home Care Assistance where our philosophies of care matched hers. She is a firm believer in Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method where the client’s physical, mental and social needs are holistically integrated.

In her work in Community Health Care, she used her strong communication skills, attention to detail, her varied background and interests to develop successful relationships with all her clients.

She has been a runner since the age of 14 and has taught fitness classes, and volunteered extensively with children’s sports. She has had the opportunity to live in almost every province in Canada, and lived in Thailand for two years. She is excited to bring her expertise and willingness to “always go the extra mile for the client” to her work in Home Care Assistance.

Jonah - Caregiver

Jonah – Caregiver

Jonah has many years’ experience taking care of the elderly in Victoria and abroad, which led her to complete the Health Care Assistant Diploma Program. She is hard working, very organized, and has a warm, caring and gentle personality. Her work ethic and personality has made her a favourite caregiver of clients.

Flor Albuleras

Flor – Caregiver

Flor graduated from Academy of Learning’s Health Care Assistant Diploma Program after many years of providing home support for the elderly. She quickly gained employment at Beckley Farm Lodge. At Beckley Farm Lodge, she has made many long lasting relationships with the residents because of her beautiful smile, caring nature and her ability to always find time to give the one-on-one attention she feels is so important. She is a keen listener and delights in the elderly’s stories. She enjoys staying fit and being outside. She loves to learn new things and would like to expand her culinary skills. She is recently married and so happy that her husband has finally moved to Victoria to be with her.


Gail – Caregiver

Gail’s friendly, caring, and outgoing nature naturally led her to assist seniors and provide companionship in her personal life. So, making the transition to formally provide care was an easy one for Gail and we are so thrilled to be able to offer our clients Gail’s care. Gail loves conversation, going for walks and running errands. She loves hearing about her clients’ experiences and stories and learning new things. She always focuses on the client’s needs on a daily basis and looks forward to spending time with each and every client, which is the highlight of her day. She has built many long-lasting relationships and looks forward to building more.

Joseph V.

Joseph V. – Caregiver

Joseph began taking care of the elderly with his grandparents until their passing. From that experience, he knew that this was the career he wanted to do. He went to school to come become a Health Care Assistant and quickly found employment with a seniors’ facility. He loves taking care of the residents because he feels like he is taking care of his family. He gains great satisfaction providing quality care and always takes the time to give an extra touch of personalized care to each and every client everyday. He loves to see their smiles and everyday he leaves with a smile on his face as well.


Riza – Caregiver

Riza graduated from Academy of Learning’s Health Care Assistant Diploma Program. She quickly gained employment at Selkirk Senior Village. She is currently working in the long-term care ward on the Dementia care floor. She really enjoys working with the elderly who remind her of her parents and as such, treats them with all the love and attention she would give to her family. She truly believes in giving quality care and to bring happiness in daily activities. She believes it is important to try to engage her clients in activities that they once enjoyed. She is easy-going and has lots of patience. Riza enjoys puzzles, gardening, going for short walks, and cooking.


Joseph – Caregiver

Joseph graduated as a Home Care Assistant with Honours and is a kind, friendly, quiet person with a strong work ethic. He enjoys working with the elderly because of the relationships he builds while providing the highest standard of care in order to help improve their quality of life. Seeing his clients happy and stress-free is the greatest reward for him.


Cherry – Caregiver

Cherry has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the Philippines and worked as a Medical Technologist there. After moving to Victoria, she used her kind and engaging personality to provide home support for both the elderly and children and knew she wanted to continue in this field. She graduated from Academy of Learning’s Health Care Assistance Diploma Program with Honours and was quickly hired by Glenwarren Lodge. Her strong interpersonal skills, patience and loving nature has made her a popular Health Care Assistant with the residents. She enjoys puzzles, cooking and spending time with her husband and son.

Cherry Mae - Caregiver

Cherry Mae – Caregiver

Cherry Mae has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and has been a Live-In caregiver for several years. She has great experience taking care of the elderly with dementia. She is diligent and very patient. Always warm and cheerful. She builds strong relationships and has the aptitude to make her most quiet and reclusive clients smile, talk and laugh.

Lolita - Caregiver

Lolita – Caregiver

Lolita has been providing care for the elderly since 2010 and she has loved every minute. The relationships she has made have been long-lasting and she cherishes them all. She finds it so rewarding to see her clients happy and thriving. She is adaptable and flexible and is always seeking ways to encourage her clients to regain strength and the ability to become as independent as possible.

Mila - Caregiver

Mila – Caregiver

Mila started taking care of the elderly in 2006 and has loved doing it ever since. She has a warm, friendly and quiet personality. She is always patient and encourages her clients to be as independent as possible. She believes every day is an opportunity to improve. Seeing her clients happy and smiling is her greatest reward.

Pardeep - Caregiver

Pardeep – Caregiver

Pardeep began providing care for her terminally-ill Aunt and found the importance of making the end of life special and comfortable. After her Aunt’s passing, Pardeep knew she had found the career path she was meant for and graduated with Honours as a Health Care Assistant. She was quickly hired by the facility of her practicum and is a popular and valued employee. With her warm, sensitive, and quiet personality, she always takes time with each and every client doing whatever she can to fulfill their wishes and improve their lives. She loves learning about her clients and listening to their life’s experiences and stories.

 Dora - Caregiver

Dora – Caregiver

Dora has been taking care of the elderly for a few years now. She is quiet, sweet and hard-working. She treats the relationships she has built with clients as if they were her own family. She understands that her clients’ families may live out of town and have busy lives so she enjoys providing the care and relationships that her clients want and need. She enjoys strengthening her clients’ independence and strives to help them do as much as possible. She likes going for outings and watching movies in her free time.

 Rea - Caregiver

Rea – Caregiver

Rea first began taking care of the elderly with her grandparents, which led her to continue giving care as a career. She loves hearing her clients’ stories and feels they have so much to share. She always puts her heart in everything she does making sure that her clients’ needs, comfort and health are the priority. She likes to read, garden and watch TV/movies.

 Annabella - Caregiver

Annabella – Caregiver

Annabella started taking care of an elderly client and her own family members in 2000. She developed a wonderful relationship with her first client and took inspiration from her. Because of the care she provided to her client and to her own mother and husband, she is dedicated to providing a similar level of care and devotion to all her clients. She treats her clients with compassion, care, tenderness and respect with the objective of keeping them healthier, happy, and living longer lives. Annabella loves to exercise, read and listen to classical music.

 Carlos - Caregiver

Carlos – Caregiver

Carlos is a kind and dedicated Health Care Assistant who is always willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional care. He listens carefully to his clients and is proactive in his approach to care. He finds taking care of the elderly very fulfilling because he wants to make a difference in every clients’ life.

 Yvonne - Caregiver

Yvonne – Caregiver

Yvonne is a registered nurse in the Philippines, as well as a registered BC Health Care Assistant. She has taken care of many clients here and abroad. Taking care of the elderly is her passion and she loves to utilize her knowledge and experience for a personalized approach to each client. She is a happy person with a good heart and loves to see her clients smiling. She enjoys singing, listening to music, reading medical books and shopping.

 John Padernal - Caregiver

John P. – Caregiver

Like many caregivers, John first began taking of the elderly with his grandmother. From that time, he found his passion for being a caregiver, which lead him to become a Health Care Assistant. He enjoys working with people and having the potential to make a difference in someone’s life. He always strives to make his clients smile and notices that often the little details can have a big impact in making someone’s day better. He is committed to giving quality care with dignity and respect. In John’s free-time, he is busy with his 2 young children and playing airsoft.

 Lea - Caregiver

Lea – Caregiver

Lea enjoyed taking care of her own elderly family members and embarked on a career of providing care after graduating as a Health Care Assistant in 2014. She wants to help her clients as she helped her own family. She puts her heart into everything she does and finds kindness and compassion are easily given to the elderly who deserve respect. When not taking care of the elderly, Lea is a busy new mom who loves taking walks with her son.

 Star - Caregiver

Star – Caregiver

Star loves to take care of the elderly with compassion, a listening ear and much love and admiration. She believes everyone has a lifetime of stories to tell and when someone is past their retirement years, meeting those social needs are critical for our overall well-being. She feels it is an honour and a privilege when she is invited into a client’s home to spend time with them. Every client is an individual deserving of respect, compassion and kindness. Star’s goal is to deal in a responsive, individual way attending to whatever her client needs are in the moment. Star loves learning about nutrition and eating well. She cooks, bakes and loves to learn new recipes. She also enjoys walks, taking pictures and attending church and bible studies.

 Wendy - Caregiver

Wendy – Caregiver

Wendy is a Health Care Assistant who has been taking care of the elderly for 3 years. She finds the rewards of helping the elderly are incredible. To see the change that she can personally make to someone’s experience is truly a gift that comes with the job. She takes care of her clients as she would if they were her own parents. She takes the extra time to make sure that they are happy and comfortable. As a busy mom of two young boys, there isn’t much free-time, but she enjoys watching them grow up and play sports.

 Parveen - Caregiver

Parveen – Caregiver

Parveen feels fortunate to have been raised in a family with both pairs of grandparents. She values all they did for her and wants the chance to give back. She has been taking care of the elderly for three years and has enjoyed their wisdom, history and heritage. She finds that they have more knowledge than most and have so much to share. Parveen always strives to provide a healthy, comfortable, independent and protected lifestyle for her clients. In her free-time, she enjoys cooking, cleaning, a variety of sports, and puzzles to stimulate the mind.

 Rachel - Caregiver

Rachel – Caregiver

Rachel has many years’ experience taking care of the elderly and children. As a Health Care Assistant, she finds providing quality care so rewarding as she loves to see her clients happy and stress-free. She gives personalized care and views her clients as family. She enjoys spending time by listening to their stories and knowledge. She has a warm, upbeat personality and brings smiles to everyone’s faces she is in contact with.

 Janice - Caregiver

Janice – Caregiver

Janice is a Health Care Assistant and has been taking care of the elderly for 9 years. She enjoys listening to her clients’ stories and experiences and learning from them. She finds that her clients have so much to share and encourages them to share their knowledge and “walk down memory lane” with her. She always provides quality care with compassion. She enjoys going for walks and spending quality time with her family

 Bobby - Caregiver

Bobby – Caregiver

Bobby is a Health Care Assistant and has been taking care of the elderly for almost 3 years. She loves spending time with her clients and helping them in any way she can. She provides personalized care based on each client and how their day is going. Everything she does comes lovingly from her heart. In Bobby’s free-time, she enjoys cooking and interior decorating.

 Parminder - Caregiver

Parminder – Caregiver

Parminder has been a Health Care Assistant for over a year. She values the opportunity to make a real difference in her clients’ lives. She always strives to make her clients comfortable so she can provide care in a professional and efficient manner while giving them a sense of independence. Parminder enjoys reading books with moral values and cooking is her passion.

 Rosmalene - Caregiver

Rosmalene – Caregiver

Rosmalene has been working in the healthcare field for 10 years. She is passionate about taking care of the elderly and this prompted her to pursue her Health Care Assistant diploma. She believes that if you are passionate about what you are doing, your love and dedication will come out naturally in your work. Rosmalene always makes sure her clients get the extra care they may need and she considers them a part of her extended family. In her free-time, she enjoys walks and watching drama series.

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