A Walk Through Dementia: Google’s Virtual Reality Experience

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Google's Dementia Walk in Virtual Reality in Victoria, BC

Empathy is an extremely important trait for caregivers, but trying to empathize with a a senior with dementia can be challenging. While we know quite a bit about the side effects of dementia, we know very little about what seniors with dementia actually go through. Google and Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) have recently started a new project known as A Walk Through Dementia to help caregivers and family members better understand this unique condition. Victoria elderly care professionals discuss the details of the project

In the Shoes of a Senior with Dementia

This project can be accessed through YouTube or downloaded onto a smartphone through Google Play. It puts users in three different scenarios an average senior with dementia might experience throughout the day. This includes shopping at a grocery store, trying to get home from the grocery store, and making tea for a friend. The user is exposed to unusual sounds, unfamiliar faces, and other conditions that can become much more stressful for someone with cognitive decline. 

The Benefits of VR Technology

Even if you do not look after a senior with dementia, this program is an extremely useful piece of technology. A Walk Through Dementia will quickly show you just how confusing and scary the world can be when you have a tough time remembering names, faces, and directions. It can give the user a unique perspective on this disorder, and can only enhance caregiving in the long run. 

Treating Dementia in the Future

While VR technology will not cure dementia, it can drastically enhance the quality of life for those affected by this condition. When dementia is diagnosed early, a senior with the condition can often enjoy a rich and fulfilling life for quite some time. A Walk Through Dementia helps us understand some of the lesser-known side effects and symptoms so we can come up with comprehensive treatments for our loved ones.

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