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About Our Staff

About Our Staff

Lutgarda Mariano - Owner

Lutgarda Mariano – Owner

Lutgarda Mariano has founded and grown several businesses and has worked in a number of industries, including financial services and administration in private post-secondary education. At the heart of every role is her desire to help people better their lives through the power of choice.

Becoming the owner and director of Home Care Assistance Victoria was an easy transition for Lutgarda, whose drive to help others improve their quality of life is directly aligned with the company’s goal to change how the world ages.

Over the years, she has watched older family members struggle with aging and began building long-lasting relationships within the healthcare community in Victoria. Through these personal experiences, both good and bad, Lutgarda discovered the importance of integrity and loyalty in an organization that puts clients first. She has dedicated her life to helping others and will continue to do so at Home Care Assistance by providing high-quality in-home support for seniors and peace of mind for their families.

Barbara MacKinnon - Office & Human Resources Manager

Barbara MacKinnon – Operational Manager & HCA Privacy Officer

Barb’s experience in directing business operations has developed through her work with a variety of companies, contractors & subcontractors, entrepreneurial endeavours, specialized consulting services and corporate administration. She has strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a collaborative approach to business and partnership development. As a professional certified Coach / Master Coach, HR manager, CTM Interventionist Program Manager and an experienced facilitator / trainer for advanced level programs, Barb is involved with a wide range of activities day-to-day. In addition to having directed financial and operations management for large and small businesses, she works with our corporate office guidelines to implement change locally, and to provide support for our incredible clients and their families, our trusted care providers and valued team members.

Annabella-Morrell - Admin Assistant

Annabella Morrell – Office Administrator – Reception

Annabella has a Commerce and Secretarial background, developed through her roles as an Officer-in-Charge with a foundation in Europe, Executive Assistant and Executive Secretary positions for multimedia-related organisations, and a combination of Volunteer work in Victoria, BC including Reception, Accounting Assistance, and Office Administration. These opportunities have all contributed to her wealth of experience, friendly manner and the ability to meet office, care team and client needs quickly and efficiently. Annabella loves reading, classical music, opera, ancient history, astronomy, socio-economic political and environmental issues.

Maria ­­­­­­ – Scheduler­­­­­­

Maria ­­­­­­ – Scheduler

Prior to immigrating to Victoria, BC, Maria had been working in a financial institution for 15 years in the Philippines as well as in a private company in Dubai.
Maria graduated from a Business Office diploma program in a post secondary college in Victoria. Working as administrative support as well as a Facilitator in a post secondary college provided her the experience of building professional relationships with the students and the community. She is very passionate to get things done.
As Scheduler at Home Care Assistance Victoria, Maria brings her strong organizational and communication skills. She loves a challenge and helping people. Her optimism and problem-solving abilities have also made her a valuable contribution to our team.
In her free-time, she is busy spending time with her family and enjoying the fabulous nature of the island..

Amelia Victoria – Scheduler

Amelia’s years of Scheduling experience stem from her work in both the restaurant and healthcare industries. Through hard work and perseverance, she has successfully graduated as a registered Health Care Assistant, followed by over three years as a dedicated worker for the elderly. Amelia’s experience includes time with clients in a facility environment, where she witnessed the daily struggle of the residents with their illnesses and loneliness. Amelia has seen first-hand the difference that personal care and compassion make with our senior population. She strives to treat them, as she would her own family. Amelia brings a wealth of experience, skills and a warm, outgoing personality to our Administrative Team. Her hobbies are cooking and watching television series.

Joseph V.

Joseph V. – Team Leader

Joseph began taking care of the elderly with his grandparents until their passing. From that experience, he knew that this was the career he wanted to do. He went to school to come become a Health Care Assistant and quickly found employment with a seniors’ facility. He loves taking care of the residents because he feels like he is taking care of his family. He gains great satisfaction providing quality care and always takes the time to give an extra touch of personalized care to each and every client everyday. He loves to see their smiles and everyday he leaves with a smile on his face as well.

Lolita Antonio

Lolita Antonio – Team Leader

Lolita has been providing care for the elderly since 2010 and she has loved every minute. The relationships she has made have been long-lasting and she cherishes them all. She finds it so rewarding to see her clients happy and thriving. She is adaptable and flexible and is always seeking ways to encourage her clients to regain strength and the ability to become as independent as possible.

Mario Andal

Mario Andal – Team Leader

Mario has worked with the elderly for more than three years, including complex care. He likes taking care of seniors because they remind him of his own parents. Mario provides the same level of care for every client, that he would want his own loved ones to receive. He shares that he consistently evaluates the care he would personally want, were he to be ‘in their shoes’. This outlook allows Mario to provide the type of care, that ensures those in his care feel special.

Vilma Tay-ew

Vilma Tay-ew – Team Leader

Vilma started taking care of the elderly back in 2008 as a live-in caregiver, which she did for many years. She moved on as a community/residential support worker as her own family was growing. She loves taking care of people and satisfies the need to take care of her parents who are far away by treating her clients as her own family with compassion and respect. She is intuitive, hard-working and always cheerful. Her busy life doesn’t allow much time for hobbies, but she enjoys spending time with her kids and attending church.

Gerry Victoria – Team Leader

Gerry has been working as a health care assistant for 5 years. He genuinely enjoys taking care of the elderly, finding them lovable and inspiring. He values learning from their wealth of knowledge and life experience. Gerry’s clients have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the work he does. He always treats each person with respect and loving care, that he would want for his own parents. Gerry enjoys watching movies and going to the gym.

Flor Albuleras

Flor Albuleras – Caregiver

Flor graduated from Academy of Learning’s Health Care Assistant Diploma Program after many years of providing home support for the elderly. She quickly gained employment at Beckley Farm Lodge. At Beckley Farm Lodge, she has made many long lasting relationships with the residents because of her beautiful smile, caring nature and her ability to always find time to give the one-on-one attention she feels is so important. She is a keen listener and delights in the elderly’s stories. She enjoys staying fit and being outside. She loves to learn new things and would like to expand her culinary skills. She is recently married and so happy that her husband has finally moved to Victoria to be with her.

 Rebecca - Caregiver

Rebecca – Caregiver

Rebecca has been taking care of the elderly for 27 years and loves what she does. Like many caregivers, Rebecca considers her clients as family and gives them loving care. She is compassionate, reliable and consistent. She finds routine very helpful for her clients, but she is also flexible for every client is different and every day can be different. In Rebecca’s free-time, she enjoys gardening and cooking.

Kirt - Caregiver

Kirt – Caregiver

Kirt has been taking care of the elderly for 3 years as a Health Care Assistant. Having the nature to always want to help, he gains great satisfaction from helping the elderly in any way he can. He is outgoing and loves to motivate his clients to move and enjoy their day. He loves to play sports, socialize and enjoy the outdoors.

Art - Caregiver

Art – Caregiver

Art has been taking care of the elderly for over 9 years. He enjoys building relationships with his clients and providing them safe and loving care. He has a compassionate attitude and a soft, sincere personality. He is proactive by nature and loves anticipating clients’ needs. Every day he brings smiles to his clients’ faces that are equal or bigger than his own. In his free-time, Art likes to cook, landscape and make bonsai.

Maricar - Caregiver

Maricar – Caregiver

Maricar was taking care of the elderly for a couple of years and loved making a difference in her clients’ lives. This lead her to become a Health Care Assistant, so she could continue to provide care with more skill and understanding. She finds taking care of the elderly so fulfilling and enjoys it immensely. Helping people is her passion. She is always focused on her clients’ needs and always respects their preferences in a patient manner. She believes it is important for her clients to be active and do activities. She loves to listen to music and read.

Fred Vowels - Caregiver

Fred Vowels – Caregiver

Fred was born in Smithers B.C. and raised here in Victoria B.C. Fred has been a Care Aide since 2003 and comes from a large family of 11 brothers and sisters. It was in his childhood while spending time with his Grandparents, that Fred knew he wanted to work not only in health care, but with seniors in particular. In his spare time Fred likes to paint as well as spend time outdoors going for bike rides, camping, hiking and swimming. Fred puts his heart and soul into his work and is well liked by his clients and co-workers for his gentle, caring manner and his willingness to go the extra mile.

Edna - Caregiver

Edna – Caregiver

Edna was born and raised in the Philippines and came to Canada 5 years ago to pursue her education and advance her Health Care career. Edna started out as an Au Pair in Ottawa before moving to Victoria and becoming a Health Care Aide. Edna is a very kind hearted and giving individual who finds joy in helping others. In her spare time Edna enjoys going to church and baking for her friends and clients. Edna is a wonderful Care Aide who really takes great pride in her work and is known to go the extra mile for her clients and co-workers.

Marian Bermal - Caregiver

Marian Bermal – Caregiver

Marian has been taking care of the elderly in Montreal, since arriving in Canada in 2016. She transferred to BC, bringing with her a love for caregiving and talking with the elderly to her new hometown. Marian has found that time spent with her clients reminds her of providing care to her own grandparents. She enjoys conversation and walks, as well as cooking for those in her care. Marian is kind, caring and always happy to talk with her clients. She enjoys watching movies, outdoor activities, and time for fitness.

Neelam Nayak- Caregiver

Neelam Nayak- Caregiver

Neelam has eight years experience working in an intensive care unit, fertility center, and eye clinic. She loves to work for the elderly and patients who are dealing with the challenges of mental health conditions. She is very caring and enjoys client/caregiver interpersonal relationships. She loves listening to music, browsing the internet and shopping.

Edna Duritan - Caregiver

Edna Duritan – Caregiver

Edna has been taking care of the elderly for many years, including international experience in Hong Kong. She loves listening to the wisdom and inspiration of her clients, when they share experiences from their lives, and about their way of life. Edna works from a foundation of love, compassion and dedication, rather than treating her role simply as a source of income. She loves to sing and help others as much as possible.

Susan Reyes - Caregiver

Krisaliz Harmogeno – Caregiver

Krisaliz is as a multi-skilled worker, her experience includes cooking breakfast for residents, washing dishes and doing housekeeping in a facility environment. Her interest is in taking care of seniors and in assisting them with their daily chores. She feels she can provide quality care, supporting clients physically and mentally. Krisaliz likes listening to music, including hymns.

Wella Duque

Wella Duque – Caregiver

Wella enjoys her work and has had experience caring for multiple clients throughout her career. She has also had the opportunity to provide consistent care for one client over three years, so fully understands how important this can be. Wella treats those in her care, like she would her own grandparents, considering each to be part of her family and as a result has found they treat her as part of their family in return. Wella’s hobbies include swimming, eating, playing badminton, and bonding with her sister and friends.

Felly Padua - Caregiver

Felly Padua – Caregiver

Felly brings with her a wealth of experience, and has been working as a caregiver since 2007. She enjoys taking care of her clients and finds that she learns a lot from their many shared experiences. She treats the elderly like her own family, giving them the love and attention, they need. Felly loves taking care of animals, likes hiking and enjoys swimming, when she has the time to do so.

Catheryn Vidal – Caregiver

Catheryn started her career in the healthcare industry at a young age by caring for her own grandmother. This experience provided her with a strong motivation to study and work, as a Health Care Assistant. She has provided professional, high quality care as a Registered Care Aide, for over two years. Catheryn has the utmost admiration for seniors, a value that continues to keep her motivated in her work. She cares greatly for the elderly and loves their company, which makes her happy whenever she is working with them. Catheryn’s hobbies are cooking, gardening, dancing and playing volleyball.

Winnie Pangan – Caregiver

Winnie’s experience in providing care for her mom and grandmother, have allowed her to develop fondness and patience when working with the elderly. She feels a sense of fulfillment and happiness, whenever she is around people with special needs. Winnie’s natural aptitude for and willingness to walk the extra mile, make seniors feel loved, respected, understood and cared for. She loves to cook and dance.

Marilyn Navaja – Caregiver

Marilyn has been taking care of the elderly for the past 14 years. She treats our clients like members of her own family, doing her best to make them feel happy and secure. Marilyn is compassionate and treats every person in her care, as she would want to be treated herself. She loves reading, writing, dancing and participating in church activities.

Diezebell Patoc- Caregiver

Diezebell has five years’ experience working with the elderly. She has worked in both a facility and as a home support worker. She enjoys helping people in need and in building strong, healthy relationships with her clients. She always tries her best to understand her clients’ feelings and needs. Her favorite activities are cooking, photography and walking.

Diane Marie Aguilar – Caregiver

Diane brings with her over 4 years of experience, including the care of her own father, during a serious illness. She has a natural ability to easily develop rapport with her clients and excels in providing compassionate care. Diane enjoys working with the elderly, finding it easy to understand their needs. She has twice received our Home Care Assistance ‘Caregiver of the Month’ award and enjoys a variety of activities, including watching movies, socializing with friends, driving and cooking.

Edward James Padua – Caregiver

Edward developed his skills with the elderly when he was a hairstylist. Most of his clients were seniors. He made sure they looked and felt good every time he provided service.

Taking care of the elderly reminds him of the wonderful times he shared with his grandmother. For Edward, it is fun to be with seniors.

Part of his special qualities is ensuring his clients’ safety and needs are met. Having a good connection with them helps him excel in his job.

His hobbies are walking near the ocean, watching the sunset, driving with friends, and watching movies or sci-fi series.

Stella Riches – Caregiver

Prior to moving here in Canada 30 years ago, Stella took care of her grandmother when she was only in high school. She has a wide range of experience in customer and hospitality services. Later on, she started her employment as a Home Support worker.

She finds it very rewarding and fun to talk to seniors about their past and enjoys hearing them reminisce. With her mother living far away from her, she feels like it is her privilege to be with the elderly.

Her sense of humor, warm personality, honesty and tender hugs make the elderly feel loved.

Stella’s hobbies are singing and dancing. In sports, she likes basketball, volleyball and tennis. Her strongest interest is in entertaining and hosting parties. She also loves cooking, karaoke singing, gardening and decorating.

Rhett Esmores – Caregiver

Rhett has been taking care of the elderly for seven years. He was first introduced to providing care to his grandparents in the Philippines. As he likes care giving, he decided to continue this line of work when he moved to Canada. He is a registered Health Care Assistant.

He is passionate about taking care of the elderly. Rhett makes extra effort to make sure that they are comfortable, secured and satisfied all the time. Rhett likes to see big smiles on his clients’ faces.

He loves playing basketball, bike riding and cooking.

Lorraine Lowe – Caregiver

Lorraine has been working for the elderly for thirteen years. She enjoys making them feel valued, loved, respected and interesting. Lorraine enjoys listening to their life stories and future interests. It gives her great happiness to help others and make every moment matter. 
She is sincere, dedicated, honest, compassionate, and committed. She believes that it’s very important to build trust and valued relationships. 
Lorraine is fond of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, walking, and exploring the wilderness.

Brenda Oliveros – Caregiver

Brenda has been working with seniors since 2012. She found this career challenging and rewarding. The special thing about her care for the elderly is her compassion and love. Brenda is experienced with seniors’ activities of daily living. She is a registered Health Care Assistant and worked at various units in facilities. Her main point of interest is taking care of those with special needs.

Her hobbies include bike riding, swimming, walking and cooking.

Rosita Santos-Newell – Caregiver

Rosita has been taking care of the elderly for ten years. She started as a volunteer then transitioned to live-in caregiving, for both children and older adults. She enjoys working with seniors and values the ability to increase their quality of life, as they age. During time spent taking care of her clients, Rosita finds it enjoyable to listen to their stories and discover their interests. On a daily basis, she tries to engage her clients by providing opportunities for outings, whether just for walks in the neighborhood or if they are able and enjoy doing so, taking them out for meals, or to local events and places of interest. Through singing and dancing, Rosita creates a sense of happiness, often inspiring her clients to laugh, dance and sing along with her. Her hobbies are listening to music, singing, dancing, walking, cooking, sewing and gardening. Rosita enjoys family most of all, and treasures the time spent with her family and friends.


Janina – Ayesa Velilla – Caregiver

It’s been almost five years since Janina started working as a live-in caregiver. She admires her client’s wealth of knowledge, and loves listening to each person share their life experiences. Janina finds that she learns from those in her care every day, and feels proud and blessed for the great appreciation they have for her, and the service she provides. She works with her clients to help them keep active and maintain their independence, while treating them as she would like her loved ones to be treated. Janina is excited by her client’s achievements and by seeing them reach their goals. She also enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies and television series. But most of all, she loves spending time with her family whenever she can.