5 Ideal Jobs for Retired Former Teachers

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Job Ideas for Retired Former Teachers in Victoria, BC

Once teachers reach the age of retirement, they may choose to continue working in some capacity. Some work to enhance their financial position, while others simply enjoy being active in the work force because it helps them maintain a higher quality of life.

Maintaining a high quality of life can be challenging for some seniors, but professional caregivers can help them obtain this goal. Families can trust in Victoria, British Columbia, home care experts to help their elderly loved ones focus on lifestyle choices that increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life.

There are a variety of positions open to teachers based on their education and years of experience. 

1. Substitute Teacher

School districts often require substitute teachers to step in when regular staff members need time off for one reason or another. Retirees can make themselves available to continue working part-time in their former school district. The only drawback may involve having to restrict hours due to pension agreements. On the other hand, retired teachers could also consider working in one or more different districts. 

2. Tutor

Students of all ages commonly need one-on-one assistance from a tutor. Former teachers can help students in one or multiple subjects. They might also focus their attention on special needs youngsters. High school students may require a tutor to get ready for college, or college students may find a particular subject challenging. 

Tutoring opens a wide range of opportunities for seniors. Tutors working within school districts can easily receive referrals, and they may also consider working as freelance instructors. This type of position enables teachers to work as little or as often as desired. There is also the added benefit of having the ability to put forth efforts toward individual students. 

Tutoring students can provide seniors with the mental stimulation they need to stave off cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. In Victoria, BC, Alzheimer’s care experts are trained in methods that are designed to slow cognitive decline in the elderly. Using a revolutionary program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, Alzheimer’s caregivers keep seniors mentally engaged with exciting activities so they can maintain better cognitive health in the golden years.

3. College Professor

Former teachers with master’s degrees can make the transition to teaching students at the college level. College instructors often teach classes in one or more different subjects. If a local institution does not have classes in a retiree’s field of expertise, the facility might agree to allow teachers to start classes focusing on the subject of interest. Many adults enjoy taking classes based on specialized or interesting subjects to fulfill a degree goal or to simply further their knowledge. Other options include teaching literacy or citizenship classes. 

4. Museum Guide

Small communities and large cities have a variety of museums featuring exhibits on many different topics. By working in a facility, retired teachers have the chance to learn new and interesting history, facts, and background information in one or more areas. Serving as a guide in a museum provides the chance to share knowledge with others in an informal setting. 

5. Freelance Writer

Some former teachers have the English background to equip them to transition to a writing career. Former instructors might write short stories or opinion pieces for a magazine, or they might consider creating a blog or writing novels. The topics on which an educated individual chooses to write are virtually endless. New teachers might appreciate a book filled with helpful insights and wisdom based on a retiree’s knowledge and experience in the field. If deciding to spend the retirement years traveling, seniors can write about the places they visit.

Due to age-related illnesses, some seniors may not be able to manage taking on a new job in the retirement years. If your senior loved one needs help managing an illness or assistance with daily tasks, make sure you choose a top-rated caregiver agency. Victoria Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one live a happier and healthier life in the golden years. From the mentally stimulating activities in our Cognitive Therapeutics Method to our friendly Care Managers who are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, we offer a wide array of high-quality at-home care services. Call (250) 592-4881 today to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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