Why Seniors Should Try Recreational Therapy

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Recreational Therapy for Seniors in Victoria, BC

Recreational therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, uses activities and community building exercises to enhance a senior’s mental and physical wellbeing. Victoria elder care experts believe this form of therapy can be a great help to seniors for the following reasons.

1. Engages Old Interests

Sometimes seniors give up hobbies because they think they can’t do them anymore. Weak eyesight might interfere with your loved one’s ability to knit or scrapbook, and physical ailments might hinder his or her ability to go bowling. Recreational therapists can help seniors adapt old hobbies to their current level of wellness. For example, your loved one may no longer have the dexterity needed to sew, but a recreational therapist might suggest channeling his or her creativity into a hobby like scarf painting. 

2. Combats Loneliness and Depression

Studies suggest seniors who live better, live longer. A key element of living well is staying busy and active. Recreational therapists can help your loved one maintain his or her physical and mental skills, which can boost his or her health and overall sense of wellbeing. 

3. Helps Manage Specific Health Conditions

Seniors who have aphasia and other verbal limitations often find recreational therapy to be helpful. Recreational therapists adapt their planned activities to the needs of their clients, and for seniors who have difficulties expressing themselves, therapists might use quiet, controlled activities to facilitate communication. Recreational therapy is also beneficial for seniors with dementia, paralysis, and other conditions. 

4. Encourages Socialization

Many recreational therapists now use technology to enhance the lives of seniors. They might teach your loved one how to use computers, the Internet, and apps like FaceTime, which can help him or her stay in touch with friends and family members and see and share family videos and photos. Learning about computers can also help your loved one feel a sense of accomplishment and flex his or her mental muscles. 

If you think therapeutic recreation activities could help your loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance for more ideas about the kinds of activities that might interest him or her. Our compassionate caregivers can support your loved as he or she tries out a recreational activity. We provide reliable live-in and part-time care. Victoria, BC,families can call (250) 592-4881 to speak with a friendly Care Manager to find out about our flexible care plans.


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